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Job Hunting

Yep, that dreaded feeling that no one wants you, that you’ll be forever unemployed, and have to do shady things to make a living. Okay, so I won’t do shady things, more like work fast food or retail again. *shudders* I don’t want retail work again. Two years was enough of that and even then, I was the computer repair person, not a sale associate.

Today I had a bit of happy news. No, no job yet, but a recruiter called me with two different positions I might be interested in. When I talked to her, she was impressed that I had both hands-on experience as well as customer support training. What can I say, I enjoy learning new things, although my first love will always be ripping apart computers and getting them running again.

I’ve got a meeting with the recruiter on Wednesday. I’m a little excited and nervous. Not because of the meeting since I’ve met so many new people due to my different jobs. Surprisingly, it’s because of taking the train into Toronto. I drive and don’t do transit. However finding parking in downtown Toronto won’t happen. Instead, I’ll park at the GO Station and take the train to Union station. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t get lost. I have a horrible sense of direction. My phone will be clutched in my hands in case I need to call my husband.

The layoff hasn’t been all bad. I’ve got to spend time with my husband and our kid, got some cleaning done, and today I’m making a slow cooker creamy chicken and rice soup. It almost makes me wish I was a stay at home wife/mother. Then reality hits and I remember that I like interacting with different people, even when I hate it. I’m an odd combination of introvert and extrovert.


6 thoughts on “Job Hunting”

    1. Yeah, I need my recharge time away from people, even my husband and kid, although it’s usually only in spurts of thirty minutes or so.
      I’ve been known to talk the ear off anyone who’ll listen, but I won’t talk to strangers just to chat.
      Oooh, it does sound fun, doesn’t it? Shady things… Hmm, wonder if I could use it as “research purposes” for my books? 😉

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