Review: Lawful Claim

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Lawful Claim by Marie Johnston

5 out of 5 stars

Now who didn’t see a 5 star coming for this one? Ha! You’d be delusion if you thought otherwise.

*sigh* Damn, that was amazing, wonderful, suspenseful, and just effing great. Loved E and Ana. I’d been impatiently waiting for E’s story since he showed up with the crazy and enigmatic X. Both of whom weren’t quite what they seemed.

Ten years ago, E had to make a decision: fight and probably die or become a monster to protect his wife. Guess which one he chose? And yet, he still kept his core of humanity even with all that he witnessed and the death he caused. My heart broke for him, especially when he knew his wife was with another. Not all that surprising since he’d apparently died ten years ago.

And Ana… major girl crush on her. Smart with a cool head. Sure, she was freaked out to find out vampires and werewolves existed, but when it came to protecting her kid, she was deadly. Though understandably upset over her not-actually-dead husband’s actions for the past ten years, she didn’t guilt him for it.

A shame Madame G wasn’t happy over losing one of her prize agents. That vile, evil bitch.

If you haven’t been reading this series, why the hell not? Now excuse me while I stalk the author until I get my hands on X’s story. She’s up next. *fangirl squeal*


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