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Interview With Veronica Del Rosa

An interview I did with Marysol.

Marysol James

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Happy Monday, guys! Today’s interview is with Veronica Del Rosa, a woman who loves to write Paranormal Romances. I found her book, ‘Sylvia’s Torment’, to be an action-packed adventure with a surprisingly sweet side… and the love scenes were holy hot, y’all!

So, here we go:

When did you start writing? What was the first thing that you ever wrote?

I’ve been interested in writing since I was a teen. I’d actually convinced my parents when I was about 16 to pay for a creative writing correspondence course. I wrote several short stories that I’d submitted for grading. Looking back, they were terrible. Seriously terrible. The writing was, of course, juvenile and melodramatic. I learned a fair bit from that course.

Then life got in the way and I stopped writing until three years ago. I’d been complaining to my husband about a book where the plot drove me…

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