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Late fall camping

Decided to do one last camping trip before winter. Dear god, what is wrong with me? I froze my damn ass off. Saturday morning, I turned to my husband and said, “I’m not doing this again unless I have a sleeping bag like yours.” His is rated for minus 30*C weather. Mine…is not.

Still mummified in his sleeping bag and toasty warm, he replied, “Who’s the one who made a bad decision?”

“No, not a bad decision, a stupid one! This was damn stupid of me.”
Good news is, my body had adjusted to the cool air, since, you know, I fucking froze all night long, but my husband hadn’t. Yep, an evil little part of me giggled while he shivered getting dressed. Serves him right for having a good night’s sleep.

I stumble out of the tent cold and tired and huddle around the fire that one of the guys had built. Ahh, heavenly warmth. And then we made a tarp hut to hide in, which was great until we used a bio-stove. Oops, here comes the smoke.


Two other couples came up with my husband and I. A lot of smack talking, laughs, and a damn good time. We played cards, cooked food over the fire, cursed about the cold, gathered wood, and had a few drinks.

One of the women, Ames, said she’d been thinking and I shot back, “Great, you’re gonna be useless for the rest of the day.” Poor Ames, I love smack talking her… But don’t worry, she doesn’t stay speechless.

Coffee was an adventure. Not for me, though. I’m one of those nutjobs who doesn’t drink it. Ames was making instant coffee, but the powdered cream wouldn’t mix in. Poor woman tried three different packages and her husband drank each one because she kept “screwing it up”. Finally she listened to us and let the water boil. I think it was one of those you had to be there moments as we laughed our asses off at her. Or it’s because we’re mean. Yep, I’m going for us being mean.

Later on we had warm apple cider with spiced rum. I couldn’t feel my fingers, but for a different reason this time. Ah yes, I’m a cheap drunk; I don’t drink alcohol often, like once or twice a year, so my afternoon passed in a wonderful blur.

And then rain, rain, and more rain. The sky opened up and just poured on us. But have no fear, we were smart. See aforementioned hut. We stayed somewhat dry in there until the seams saturated and started dripping. Don’t worry though, I stayed dried! I avoided the drips, and no I’m not talking about my friends. πŸ˜‰

Saturday night, I was toasty warm. I grabbed another blanket and put that in my sleeping bag along with the original blanket I had. Ahhh, it was bliss. Until I got out of bed…damn it!

Overall, a fantastic time. Hell, I might even be stupid enough to agree to winter camping. *shudders*


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