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Writer’s block

Oh, the dreaded writer’s block, when you stare at that blank paper and try desperately to fill it, only it continues to mock you with its blankness. I’m there right now, begging my story to come to life, wanting something other than the emptiness of the page.

I haven’t yet found a way to overcome writer’s block. No magical way that will crack open my brain and have the words spew forth. Instead I stare at the page, and then check Facebook or Twitter or blogs, anything to avoid the crushing defeat I feel.

I’ve written several novels and novellas, so why do I still have this issue? Why am I running dry? The  ideas are there; I see the end product in beautiful black and white. However I have no words to put on paper. My characters ignore me and the story languishes in my mind.

For the past two months, I’ve written maybe 15k, which is very pitiful for me. I should have finished the book I’m currently written, especially since I love Victor and Isabella. They’re interesting, complex, and smart. Maybe I feel I’m doing them an injustice, that I’m not properly capturing their essence.

I just know that I’m struggling to create a story I’m proud of and I need a kick in the ass.

Today there are no more excuses. I write even if it is crap.


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