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Writing cave

I have a perfectly good desk with a comfortable chair, decent computer, and a 24-inch monitor that I adore. Seriously I will cry the day this monitor dies. Do I write there, words flowing from my fingers on the keyboard?

Hell no, I don’t. Instead I hole up in the bedroom with a 10 year old laptop, an external keyboard attached to it, and no mouse. *shudders* I hate touchpads, but that’s a whole other post. My notebooks lay scattered on my bed with a bar of extra dark chocolate. I’d read somewhere that the high coco content helps the blood flow to the brain or something like that. Sounds good to me!

I’ve found this is the only way for me to get into the zone. If I sit at my desk, I’ll spend hours staring at the screen, flipping to different social media sites, reading up on whatever catches my fancy, but ignoring my poor novel. I can count on one hand how much work I’ve completed at my desk and not a single finger would come up. Well maybe one finger, but that would be my feelings directed at my lack of accomplishment.

Writing on my phone was something I’d attempted long ago, as well as writing long-hand. Both of those crashed and burst into flames, experiments I prefer to not repeat. Oh sure, in a pinch, I’ll use them as back up when I have a brilliant idea or scene that I have to jot down or lose it, but not as my main source. I have learned from my crushing defeat.

I’d been looking at tablets for a while and wanted something I could put Word on. It’s a program I’m comfortable with and I know it’s follies, so my best choice was a Surface tablet. Now I was a little concerned over the keyboard, though, since I don’t like the smaller ones. My fingers hit wrong keys and it’s a pain in the ass to figure out what I meant to type if I don’t fix right away. I’m glaring at you, phone. Imagine my surprise when I pounded out a thousand words or so without a hitch. I actually enjoy the keyboard, and it’s great for when I’m away from home.

Overall though, give me my bedroom with my laptop and I’m happy… until the words decide they won’t cooperate and I’m staring at the same sentence with no clue on how to continue. That maybe *cough* the reason why I’m writing a blog post instead of finishing the chapter I’m on.

What about you? Where is your ideal spot to write and do you prefer pen and paper, computer, phone, tablet, or something else?


2 thoughts on “Writing cave”

  1. I have a beat up old laptop. The letter ‘m’ sticks or doesn’t work so sometimes I’ll have typed an entire scene and have to go back and add/remove m’s. I’m afraid to upgrade though because I have so many free apps that I am using for publishing that I’m not sure if they are compatible with Windows 10. The beauty of the laptop is I can write anywhere (on the deck by the lake in the summer is my favourite place)

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