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Blog Hop for Paranormal Love Wednesday

On Sunday, I sent my latest manuscript to my editor. It’s the fourth book in a 5 book series, not counting the novellas. I have a weird weakness for writing novellas, getting a glimpse into a character you otherwise wouldn’t. Each book has a companion novella although they aren’t necessary to read for the overall arc of the series. Hey, I’m not that mean! Just don’t ask some of my other author friends, since they’d disagree with that statement. 😉

My latest hero was influenced by Dean Winchester from Supernatural. I love his attitude, the fact that no matter how bad things get, he’ll still crack a joke even if it’s just to make himself laugh. He’s not a jerk, just someone who’s been through a lot of crap and has learned how to survive it all.

And that’s what Victor is all about. He’s had to live with a bad situation and could either have become a total jerk or thumb his nose at it all and continued on his merry way. He’s sarcastic, loyal, aggravating, smart, and too handsome. What, too handsome? Not possible, right? Well you’d think that until you meet Victor and realize that it can be a curse to have all the sexual attention turned your way.

A little excerpt to prove that point:

“Victor, please,” she breathlessly pleaded.
A silent snort passed his lips. Vampires didn’t need to breathe unless they spoke, and they didn’t run out of breath. “Don’t touch me. I’ve told you before. Find yourself another mage or maybe a werewolf if you’re looking for a quick lay.”
“So crude,” Sandra pouted. “Can you at least look at me?”
He stopped and whirled around, surprising her. “I’ve told you time and again that I’m not interested. I’ve been polite, and now I’m being blunt. Leave me alone, or I’ll talk to Augustus. This is sexual harassment, plain and simple.”
Her eyes hardened, losing the innocent maiden act.
“You think they would believe you?” She waved a hand along her drool-worthy body. “Look at me. I’m every man’s wet dream. No one would believe I’d lower myself to harassing someone into sleeping with me.”
“And yet here you are. Get some dignity and find someone who is interested. I’m not playing hard to get. I simply don’t want you.”

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