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Twenty Questions

So some evil woman *cough*Jen Winters*cough* tagged me to answer these twenty questions.

Straight or curly hair? Straight, my hair can’t keep a curl.
Favorite movie? Don’t have one.
Favorite holiday? Victoria Day. It’s the first long weekend of camping.
Best year in HS? Hell no, I hated high school and glad to be done it.
# of serious relationships? Two
Sleep with or w/o a fan? With one in the summer, without one rest of the year.
Android or iPhone? Android, always and forever
Texting or call? Texting. I hate talking on the phone
Facebook or twitter? Facebook
Favorite type of food? Lasagna
Dream job? Writer
Favorite pizza? Creamy garlic sauce, chicken, tomato, and feta cheese
Favorite cake? Black forest
Talking or fighting? Talking
Night or day? Day
Summer or winter? Summer. CAMPING!
Wine or whiskey? Neither, I don’t drink acholol
Makeup or no makeup? No makeup
Favorite TV show? Doctor Who
Hair up or down? Depends on the day
Jeans or leggings? Jeans
Painted or none painted nails? non
Favorite color? Purple
T-shirt or dress shirt? T-shirt
Flip flops or sneakers? Sneakers
Big purse or small? Small
How many piercings? 5
Diamonds or pearls? Neither, I don’t like jewellery.
Favorite animal? The one that isn’t in my home, like a tiger.
Rap or country music? Old school country
Sports or couch? Couch. I hate sports, both playing and watching.

A clean copy for those who want to answer these questions. 🙂 And no, I’m not tagging anyone. I’m a rebel like that. *laughs*

Straight or curly hair?
Favorite movie?
Favorite holiday?
Best year in HS?
# of serious relationships?
Sleep with or w/o a fan?
Android or iPhone?
Texting or call?
Facebook or twitter?
Favorite type of food?
Dream job?
Favorite pizza?
Favorite cake?
Talking or fighting?
Night or day?
Summer or winter?
Wine or whiskey?
Makeup or no makeup?
Favorite TV show?
Hair up or down?
Jeans or leggings?
Painted or none painted nails?
Favorite color?
T-shirt or dress shirt?
Flip flops or sneakers?
Big purse or small?
How many piercings?
Diamonds or pearls?
Favorite animal?
Rap or country music?
Sports or couch?

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