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Canadian Thanksgiving 

Do you ever feel like you need to recharge your batteries? Like everything is pressing upon you and you need time away from the day to day grind? For myself, nothing feels better than a weekend in the woods. It has to be with good friends, the kind you love spending time with, and those who don’t get upset over mishaps. Thankfully, I have those kind of  friends. In fact, I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. My family, my friends, my job, and just life in general.

Since our Thanksgiving is the first weekend of October, we decided to celebrate it by spending the weekend in the woods. Nothing shows you how thankful you are than appreciating nature.

We arrived mid-afternoon on Friday and set up our new tent. My husband thought it’d be nice for our son to have his own tent, so we upgraded ours and he could have our hand-me-down. Even after 12 years of use, it’s still in great condition, just not the best for winter camping. And no, I won’t be winter camping. Hells to the no! I love my warmth, October camping notwithstanding.

See our pretty new tent. We even have our own camping pit. Yay!

And as you can see, I take my warmth at night seriously. There are two fuzzy blankets inside my sleeping bag. It was heavenly. I slipped into bed and passed right out. First night wasn’t too chilly, probably about 10*C. Next night dropped down to about 3*C. And still I stayed nice and warm.

Our other friends made themselves an awesome little spot up the hill. A part of me would love this setup, except I like keeping the bugs out of my face while I’m sleeping. *laughs*

The little fire pit kept them warm at night when it burned down to a bed of coals.

One of our friends showed up at 11:15 pm Friday night. I so did not get butt out of bed to greet him, even of it was his birthday weekend. I was warm, cozy, and not moving.

Saturday was turkey day. Turkey on the fire, whoo-hoo! The men improvised a spit and colour me impressed. It’s amazing to see what people can come up with when they want.

There were a few mishaps, like the turkey was still a little frozen, the spit motor didn’t work so we had to turn by hand, some of the top sticks caught fire, and the coal flamed up from the dripping liquid. The skin became quite crispy.

My husband was able to fix the motor, something to do with the thingies being misaligned. As for the flare ups, we kept watering the coals and also put in aluminum wrapped logs to help disperse the flames.

But then, *sigh* the stuffing fell out of the turkey. The string burnt away and the legs fell open. Let me tell you, I was upset to see the stuffing burn up. I loooooove stuffing! That sucked.

The flame to the left is a chunk of butter from the stuffing buring.

But in the end, we had delicious turkey, stuffing (our friend was smart and had some in tinfoil to cook), baked potatoes, roasted corn, and gravy. Best of all, though, was the amazing friends I spent the day with.

And, uh, yes, that’s a lot of gravy on my food. Hey, I was in the woods and something, something about fresh air and appetites.

We then played cards, took shots of Patron Tequila, trash talked, and enjoyed some key lime pie and apple crisp. I’ve made key lime before and didn’t like it. Turns out, I just sucked at making it. *laughs*

Then it was fireworks time! Okay, so we only had one firework to set off, but it was still pretty. Plus it was too damn cold to stay out there for long.

Overall, a fantastic weekend with good friends. I’m lucky to have them in my life.


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