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Canadian Thanksgiving 

Do you ever feel like you need to recharge your batteries? Like everything is pressing upon you and you need time away from the day to day grind? For myself, nothing feels better than a weekend in the woods. It has to be with good friends, the kind you love spending time with, and those who don’t get upset over mishaps. Thankfully, I have those kind of  friends. In fact, I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. My family, my friends, my job, and just life in general.

Since our Thanksgiving is the first weekend of October, we decided to celebrate it by spending the weekend in the woods. Nothing shows you how thankful you are than appreciating nature.

We arrived mid-afternoon on Friday and set up our new tent. My husband thought it’d be nice for our son to have his own tent, so we upgraded ours and he could have our hand-me-down. Even after 12 years of use, it’s still in great condition, just not the best for winter camping. And no, I won’t be winter camping. Hells to the no! I love my warmth, October camping notwithstanding.

See our pretty new tent. We even have our own camping pit. Yay!

And as you can see, I take my warmth at night seriously. There are two fuzzy blankets inside my sleeping bag. It was heavenly. I slipped into bed and passed right out. First night wasn’t too chilly, probably about 10*C. Next night dropped down to about 3*C. And still I stayed nice and warm.

Our other friends made themselves an awesome little spot up the hill. A part of me would love this setup, except I like keeping the bugs out of my face while I’m sleeping. *laughs*

The little fire pit kept them warm at night when it burned down to a bed of coals.

One of our friends showed up at 11:15 pm Friday night. I so did not get butt out of bed to greet him, even of it was his birthday weekend. I was warm, cozy, and not moving.

Saturday was turkey day. Turkey on the fire, whoo-hoo! The men improvised a spit and colour me impressed. It’s amazing to see what people can come up with when they want.

There were a few mishaps, like the turkey was still a little frozen, the spit motor didn’t work so we had to turn by hand, some of the top sticks caught fire, and the coal flamed up from the dripping liquid. The skin became quite crispy.

My husband was able to fix the motor, something to do with the thingies being misaligned. As for the flare ups, we kept watering the coals and also put in aluminum wrapped logs to help disperse the flames.

But then, *sigh* the stuffing fell out of the turkey. The string burnt away and the legs fell open. Let me tell you, I was upset to see the stuffing burn up. I loooooove stuffing! That sucked.

The flame to the left is a chunk of butter from the stuffing buring.

But in the end, we had delicious turkey, stuffing (our friend was smart and had some in tinfoil to cook), baked potatoes, roasted corn, and gravy. Best of all, though, was the amazing friends I spent the day with.

And, uh, yes, that’s a lot of gravy on my food. Hey, I was in the woods and something, something about fresh air and appetites.

We then played cards, took shots of Patron Tequila, trash talked, and enjoyed some key lime pie and apple crisp. I’ve made key lime before and didn’t like it. Turns out, I just sucked at making it. *laughs*

Then it was fireworks time! Okay, so we only had one firework to set off, but it was still pretty. Plus it was too damn cold to stay out there for long.

Overall, a fantastic weekend with good friends. I’m lucky to have them in my life.

Book Blitz


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Rogue: A Valkyrie Tale by Tonya Coffey


Clytie, a Valkyrie, finds herself questioning Odin’s orders when Psyche comes for a shape-shifting panther, Storm. He rescues Clytie from a giant and something inside her changes. A spark ignites, triggering an emotion Valkyries are forbidden to experience. Following her new feelings, Clytie turns her back on all she knows to be with Storm. However, she knows it’s only a matter of time before Odin puts a price on their heads.

Odin furious with his Valkyrie for disobeying him, and proving the Well right, accepts the War is coming and Clytie will be the goddess who dethrones him, unless her sister stops her first.



Tonya Coffey lives in southern Kentucky with her husband and two teen boys. If she isn’t reading a fantasy novel with lots of action, you will find her sitting in front of a canvas painting the landscape which is so abundant around her home.

Media Links:

Web: http://coffeytonya.wix.com/tonya-coffey

FB: http://Facebook.com/coffeytonya

GR: https://www.goodreads.com/author/dashboard

LT: http://www.librarything.com/home

Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpsCLCwg-f2-qkVkk4dUZ0w

Book Info:

Size: 6×9                                                                                             ISBN: 978-1534678002

Trade paperback                                                                                  LCCN: 2016913767

Pages: 217

Price: $9.99

Book Buy Link:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss/153-4752823-8539760?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=tonya+coffey

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/tonya+coffey?_requestid=166461

Giveaway Info:

Enter to win 1 signed paperback copy of Rogue.

(Starts on Sept. 23 and ends Sept. 30)

Link: http://coffeytonya.wixsite.com/tonya-coffey/giveaway



Deep in the forest of the Appalachian Mountains, a time when the worlds were filled with realms and magick ruled the universe, darkness took over. It was thick with shadows, darker than the void between worlds.

However, a single ray of silver moonlight sliced through black branches, like fingers reaching for the two-foot sword. The hilt had a sleek round pommel, and a cross guard that tilted up towards the grip. Yet, the unique shape of the sword had nothing on the woman wielding the steel blade.

The Valkyrie stood silently in the shadows. Her violet eyes peered through the night, vigilantly watching for the movement of her prey. The crunch of weathered branches, under the foot of a heavy creature, caught her glare. The shadows weaved in and out of the darkness, opening for a figure to pull from the clutches. There you are.

The Valkyrie’s slim fingers gripped the leather hilt, ready for the being to stray in her path. The steps grew into thumps causing the earth beneath her boots to shiver. The beast sliced through the moonlight with his massive form. A bald head with a grotesque scar which wrapped his skull from mouth to eye and a six-foot axe was casually tossed over his broad shoulder.

The sight of the axe made her wince. I do not like those. It was as long as she was tall. She narrowed her eyes at the beast, refusing to let it win. She willed her heart to steady, as he moved directly into her path. She drew her blade from the leather sheath attached to her back and attacked.

The Valkyrie’s sword sliced through the air narrowly missing the beast’s shoulder. He dipped, pulling the sharp edge of the axe across his body toward her. She dove to the ground, rolling once, and then advancing on his back with swift jabs.

The beast roared, showing thick jagged teeth, the same color of his graying skin. His muscles bulged as he tossed the axe from hand to hand, twirling it like a windmill. The Valkyrie dodged the blows making quick strikes of her own, penetrating the thick flesh of his torso.

In frustration, the beast stomped his fur covered boot against the ground, causing the earth to shake. A massive crack split the ground under the Valkyrie’s feet. She gasped, falling to the side. The beast tossed his axe, twisting it end over end, at her. The Valkyrie’s eyes darted from the darkness of the crack, to the edge of the two-foot blade, closing in on her.

A fast movement from her right caused her to jerk in the direction as an animal slammed into her body. The momentum sent her across the parting ground, into the underbrush, and onto the opposite side in a roll.

Her breath came fast, as she scrambled to her feet, clutching her metal companion. The thumps of bodies slamming into one another like steel anvils drew her attention. She ran to the action with narrowed eyes, stopping short at the scene playing out in front of her.

The beast wrestled with a black panther. The bright whites of the panther’s teeth shined in the moonlight, as they snapped at the brute. His shiny coat, as dark as the shadows, made it look as if the beast fought against the night itself.

Sinking its teeth into the creature’s bared thigh, it drew blood. The beast fell to one knee, wrapping his massive arm around the cat’s body. The panther roared, and clamped his jaws around the neck of his opponent. Then the forest became quiet as their bodies stilled.

They fell to the ground with a thump. The panther pulled his body from the beast’s clutches. The Valkyrie ran to the cat, apprehensive about coming into contact with it. Eyes a golden yellow, brighter than the sun, met her gaze. She drew in a breath, staring at the eyes of a creature who was more human than animal. She felt as if she saw into his soul. He had the soul of a good and caring man who tried to protect her.

The Valkyrie knelt by the panther, emotions stirred in her body that she never knew existed. Her stomach ached. Her heart beat in an odd way. Familiarity hit. She remembered something about the cat; dreams she had of him. Most nights she closed her eyes, she dreamed of a black panther, he walked next to her, protecting her.

Now, he lay in front of her, breaths from death. He had put his life before hers and protected her as she imagined. Why? She wondered.


Cover Art


Today we have Tonya Coffey who has a cover reveal for her upcoming book, Rogue.


ROGUE: A Valkyrie Tale by Tonya Coffey



Clytie, a Valkyrie, finds herself questioning Odin’s orders when Psyche comes for a shape-shifting panther, Storm. He rescues Clytie from a giant and something inside her changes. A spark ignites, triggering an emotion Valkyries are forbidden to experience. Following her new feelings, Clytie turns her back on all she knows to be with Storm. However, she knows it’s only a matter of time before Odin puts a price on their heads.

Odin furious with his Valkyrie for disobeying him, and proving the Well right, accepts the War is coming and Clytie will be the goddess who dethrones him, unless her sister stops her first.


Giveaway Info:

Enter to win 1 signed paperback copy of Rogue.

(Starts on Sept. 23 and ends Sept. 30)

Link: http://coffeytonya.wixsite.com/tonya-coffey/giveaway



Tonya Coffey lives in southern Kentucky with her husband and two teen boys. If she isn’t reading a fantasy novel with lots of action, you will find her sitting in front of a canvas painting the landscape which is so abundant around her home.

Media Links:

Web: http://coffeytonya.wix.com/tonya-coffey

FB: http://Facebook.com/coffeytonya

GR: https://www.goodreads.com/author/dashboard

LT: http://www.librarything.com/home

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Tonya-Coffey/e/B00MZ6VR5Y/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1472738050&sr=8-1

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Anthology with 8 fabulous authors

Yes, you read that right. There is an anthology coming up with eight fabulous authors and I will be one of them. Hey, I’m allowed to believe I’m fabulous. 😉 My first book, Magic Resistant, will be part of it. And let me guess, you’re curious about who else will be part of this amazing offer. Well, wonder no more!

Primal Claim by Marie Johnston
Phoenix Rising by Heather R. Blair
Magic Resistant by Veronica Del Rosa
Kissing Demons by Jen Winters
One Knight Only by Michelle Miles
Bewitched Familiar by USA Today best-selling author Ari Thatcher
Dead Girls Don’t Cry by Casey Wyatt
Tainted Kiss by award-winning author Sharon Kay

Pretty damn awesome, right? I thought so, too. Oh and let me guess, you’d also love to see the cover for this little beauty? Wait no more because here it is.

ebook 2d

3d snipped down

The wonderful and talented Julie Nicolls made the cover art for us. Yes, I’m still a fangirl for that woman.

And now, the order links. You didn’t think I would forget about those, did you? I mean, come on, you get eight amazing books for a steal!

Amazon: Kindle   iBooks:itunes-words Kobo: Kobo Nook: Nook Smashwords: iTunes


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Killarney Camping 

I haven’t gone campgrounds camping in a long time, Algonquin notwithstanding. We usually go to our out-of-the-way spot where the only ones who know about it are friends.

We drove four hours, give or take a few minutes for pit stops and arrived just shortly after 3:30 at this gorgeous provincial park.


Is that not beautiful or what? We’re near the lake, but not so close that we’d see a lot of foot traffic. However, that wind! Note to self, when by the lake, it’s freaken windy and can be cold. Luckily, we had decent sleeping bags and remembered to bring some warmer clothes.It was a treat to unload the Jeep and just set everything up. Less exhausting than usual. *laughs* Everything was set up and ready to go within an hour. Supper was a breeze since we bought fire wood – kind of have to in a provincial park, don’t want to introduce foreign species. And the fire pit was decent. Love the grill on top.

And the view is simply wonderful. Definitely no complaints there from me.

Sadly, the raccoons didn’t get the memo that we were in Woodchuck, not Raccoon.

See, Woodchuck:


Not Raccoon, you jerks! We had about five or six of the ballsy buggers show up around 3 AM to visit and fight! Ugh, the hissing, growling, and sheer noise they made. We, thankfully, have a Pelican cooler which latches shut and has a gasket seal, so they couldn’t get into the food. They did attempt to get into the Jeep. We found footprints on the hood, the mirrors had been moved, and they even tried to open the gas cap.

After that wonderful disruption to our sleep, we decided on Wednesday to hike to The Crack. One of our sole reasons for coming to Killarny was this hiking trail and damn, it was worth it!

The walk took about two hours in and an hour and half out. Some of the extra time in was due to us getting slightly lost. Really need better trail makers in the pine forest. We weren’t the only ones lost, though. *laughs* Another family played the Marco Polo game as they tried to find the path and each other. Don’t worry, they found one another and also got to The Crack before us.

How about some pictures, huh?

One of the many uphill parts we had to climb. It wasn’t any more fun to walk down this. My poor, aching knee. So worth it, though!

That is The Crack in the distance, where the two white rocks split. We went up on the right side.

Start of the climb in The Crack. Let me tell you, it was interesting. Some parts, we crawled up, searching for the proper footholds, hoping the end was near! I did some cursing, almost quit, wondered why my husband would punish me with this hike, but continued on. Truthfully, I’m a whiner and the climb wasn’t difficult. Heck, our eight year old son did it. And did a fantastic job, too, I might add. He’s also used to hikes and while this one had a lot of uphills and a little rock climbing, it wasn’t one of our longer hikes – only 4.6 km.

In the Crack

The kid and I in The Crack.

This is the top of The Crack and look at that view. My god, isn’t that just stunning! I would do this hike again in a heartbeat… Once my knee stops hating me.

Looking Down into The Crack

Looking down into The Crack. Nope, I didn’t take this picture, my husband did. I’m afraid of heights.

A wider shot of our view. So incredibly beautiful.


And now a panoramic taken by my husband. Yes, that’s me in the picture. 🙂 We stayed for about half hour, just soaking up the majestic nature and eating our sandwiches. Took several selfies of the three of us but due to privacy, I won’t be posting those.

The Crack

My husband brought his GPS with him so we could see how far we walked. Plus, in case we got lost, which we almost did. Okay, not really. We would’ve found our way back easily enough.

After we hiked back, we decided a swim was in order.

A little private beach for us to enjoy. The kid had a blast in the water, after we got past the initial “Holy crap, it’s freezing!” screams from all of us. We had a nice sandy section that dropped off really fast. Great for swimming and again, a beautiful view. My crazy husband decided to jump off one of the rocks into the water. Good thing it was so deep! Of course, we’d checked that out beforehand.

Then, because we’re crazy, we decided to walk the Bog trail. The pink rocks were striking and after his initial complaints about them being pink, the kid appreciated the beauty of them. He even found a few small pink and red rocks to keep.

Unfortunately, my knee couldn’t handle the full trail. With all the ups and downs of the previous hike, I was in ouch mode. We walked for about twenty minutes and then headed back.

Da Bear!

Oooh, my husband and our friend saw a bear on their way into town! A little cub, probably about a year old or so. The picture is a little fuzzy because they were driving. Don’t worry, our friend was driving and my husband took the picture.

Overall, we had an amazing time and it’s sparked a desire in us to visit other national and provincial parks. Next year, we’re booking at another park.

Where was your favourite spot to camp?

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Cover Reveal – Dragon Moon

Today we have a special guest. Not only is she my fabulous cover artist, but she’s also a writer, Julie Nicholls. And she has a new book in the works along with giving us a sneak peak to her new cover. Now to turn over my blog to Julie.


Thank you very much for letting me take over your blog today to reveal the cover for my latest novel, Dragon Moon.

This is a Teen & Young Adult Fantasy, and I hope to publish with Amazon’s Kindle Scout program, if it is accepted.

The story concerns Scarlett, an almost nineteen year old who is undecided about her future. Throughout her school life she has been the subject of ridicule and bullying because of her flame, red hair. While college was easier, because she stood up for herself, she can’t make up her mind if University is the place she wants to be, and is taking some time out from studying to decide. She visits the Nottingham Goose Fair, and meets Dizelli, a psychic, who gives her a gold pendant and instructs her to wear it to bed.

Scarlett wakes up the next morning but she’s not in her bed, or her home. She’s in a field. In her pajama’s.

Her adventure begins and she’s thrown into a world of dragons and magic. She’s the Dragon Mage, and it’s her responsibility to save the dragons from slaughter, and also bring two warring tribes together.

There are just a few days left before the Dragon Moon arrives. All the dragons currently asleep, protecting their eggs could die unless Scarlett finds a way to unite the silver haired, and black haired races together and to stop Lord Ithel from killing the elder dragon who knows the secret location of the dragon eggs.


Here’s a sneaky peek!

No matter what Elyan’s surprise is, at least it’s another lovely day out. The sun is shining and despite the cool breeze, it’s perfect for riding. We set off at a walk but once outside the city walls, Elyan kicks his horse and he’s off. I have a hard time keeping up on Sootli; bless her. Once he reaches the foothills, he slows and when I catch up to him, he pulls off to the left instead of the path through the mountain.

“Where are you going?” I ask.

He doesn’t answer and just waves at me as he trots ahead. He’s in charge again; he can’t help it.

We ride for only a little way, and then the smell hits me.


Soon we’re looking at a blanket of white flowers. They stretch along the side of the track as far as the eye can see, and the smell is amazing. Elyan dismounts and wraps the reins around a fallen tree. He helps me down and leads me to the huge log where we both sit.

I can’t stop sniffing the air and notice he’s staring. “What?”

He smiles and I notice for the first time how charming he looks when he’s not scowling.

“I know how much you like Vanillian and thought you would like to see where it grows. Am I right?”

“Yes! Thanks.”

I’m smiling as I look at him and see him in a different light. He can be thoughtful when he puts his mind to it. He stares at me for several moments, his gaze unfathomable. Do I want to know what he’s thinking?

“I am sorry for my behavior yesterday with Mostyn,” he says.

Wow! Didn’t see that coming.

“I expect learning he and your sister were an item was a bit of a shock.”

“I learned something else too. From my father.”

“What was it?” I ask as if I don’t know.

“That there was someone else he loved before mother. I am not angry about that. He expected me to be, though. I have a reputation, it seems.”

I can see a hint of a grin forming.

“My father relies on me to protect the town. While I have my warriors to aid, I am constantly on my guard. My responsibility to our people is foremost on my mind.”

“That’s why you’re so wound up, Elyan. You’re stressed out.”

I know how he feels. In my last year of college I was worrying over my exams, the bullying, and concerns about my life after college. My dad said when someone is stressed, they are short-tempered, have trouble sleeping and are unable to see the positive side of things. Elyan ticks all of the above. People don’t realize they are stressed, but once it’s pointed out to them, it becomes clearer.

“What am I to do? This is my life. I am responsible for our people.”

“I understand you have an important role, but you don’t have to do it on your own. You have warriors who follow your lead. They are just as capable as you are. Let them take some of the pressure.”

Elyan narrows his eyes as he looks at me. He’s listening to what I’m saying rather than spouting off. That’s a good sign.

“But will they then act as I do? Become ‘snippety’ as you say?” He grins.

“No, I don’t believe they will. If you divide the tasks between yourselves, it will be less of a burden. Do you see that?”

“Yes, I do.”

It could be my imagination, but I swear he looks less stressed already. He’s a smart cookie and I know I whined about him plenty of times, but he isn’t a bad person. Actually, as he is now–calm and thoughtful–he’s very attractive. He was already ranking high on my “hot men” chart, but it was his attitude that stopped him reaching a higher position.

Oh, I know you think I’m mean, but I bet I’m not the only one who has a score card.

“When we return home after the meeting today, you can gather your warriors and delegate your duties. Start enjoying your life, Elyan.”

“I like the way you think. You are as smart as my father said.”

“Did he say that?”

“Yes, last night after you left. I spoke with him for a while, and he believes you are too wise for your age.” He chuckles.

Ha! I think what the Earl said probably went something along the lines of “she’s too big for her boots.” But I’ll accept it as a compliment anyway.

Elyan is looking at me again. Not quite a stare but his gaze is lingering and I know I’m blushing. My cheeks are on fire. I’d like to know what he’s thinking. Wait…maybe that’s not a good idea. There’s a glint in his eye, which isn’t a bad thing, but I’ve got too much to think about at the moment.

Extremely bad timing.

“Are all the women in your town like you?” he asks.

“No. They are much nicer.” I laugh. “Women are equal to men, though. They share responsibility, work and some earn such a good wage that the man plays househusband and takes care of the children.”

“That is a story you have made up.” He laughs. “It is a woman’s responsibility to tend the children.”

I’m surprisingly calm after that misogynistic statement. In all fairness, he lives in a world where men are chivalrous and women are skivvies, and that’s not entirely his fault. However, I will nevertheless attempt to enlighten him of why a role doesn’t need to be filled by only one sex.

Here goes.

“Elyan, I’m going to explain something to you which you may find surprising. Women are quite capable of fulfilling any job a man is tasked with. The only difference is that some women might struggle depending on the physical strength required, but that does not mean that some women are not a strong as some men. There are some who are stronger.”

He’s shaking his head, so I continue.

“Women are in the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Where I’m from, we are ruled by a Queen, as are many other countries. So you see… there’s nothing a man can do that a woman cannot. As for taking care of children, why shouldn’t a man look after his child? There’s no rule that says a woman should be the only person to wipe a baby’s bottom!”

He laughs and shakes his head. “You are making this up, surely?”

“No, I’m not.”

I look at him and wonder how he would cope if he were to visit my world. Not only because of the women’s issue but all the technology we have as well. I don’t think he could take it all in, although he might have fun playing my X box.

“I should like to see this for myself. Your world sounds interesting. Do you think I would like it?”

“There are some wonders that would impress you, Elyan, but just as you have problems here, we also have them. Countries fight one another and man has built horrendous machines and created poisons that could kill us all. People starving to death live side by side with people who are so rich, they will never be able to spend their money before they die.”

He’s listening closely.

“Our world is full of different races and we are not all the same color. Whole nations have been targeted because of the color of their skin or religious beliefs. So you see it’s important that we try and resolve the issues here before they escalate.”

Elyan narrows his eyes. He’s thinking hard, I can see from his expression. He will be the Earl once his father passes and he could help implement changes now that would stop future warring.

“This makes you sad, does it not?”

“Yes, very much.”

“We are from different worlds and yet, we are not so different.”

He takes my hand in his and smiles softly. He’s capable of becoming a great leader, I feel it. He has already made changes to the way he acts based on information he’s acquired. He is a smart cookie.

“We have a saying—‘there’s nothing new under the sun’–and this is so true. Wherever we are in the world, whether we’re black-skinned or white, if we have black or white hair, or we worship the sun or the moon, we are all human beings and we have a right to be free and to live.”

“We shall have that here, Scarlett. I promise. I will do everything within my power to make Lord Ithel understand we must live together in peace.”

Elyan pushes up and pulls me with him. “You will show us how to make a start. Will you not?”

Thank you for taking the time to read the sneaky peek… you can read another on my official website www.julienicholls.com to the page, Dragon Moon where a link will be added once the book is available for purchase.


Reveiw: Blackbirds & Bourbon

Purchase here:  Blackbirds and Bourbon

Blackbirds & Bourbon, Toil & Trouble #2 by Heather R. Blair

10 out of 5 stars – What? I’m allowed. It’s my blog! 😉

Oh my god, look at that amazing cover! And trust me, you want to judge this book by its cover because the story was stunning.

I devoured this story and finished it in one day. However, I had also badgered (again!) poor Heather into letting me have an early copy. I couldn’t help it. PS, this only works because we’re friends, so please, don’t badger her. I do it out of love. 😉

Now, because we’re friends, that doesn’t mean I’m pulling any punches with this review. I’m not sugarcoating or blowing smoke. I seriously loved this book.

Jack has me twisted in knots. Is he good? Isn’t he? I want to believe the best in him, but damn it, he’s done some dodgy things. We see a lot more of him in this story and I understand where he’s coming from. Doesn’t mean I want him hurting Seph.

And wow, Seph. Not many women in stories I adore, but she is one of them. She’s had a harsh go of it lately, although I’m not saying what because of spoilers. She’s been a little mopey, which was justified and at one point she decides to wrestle the beast to the ground, so to speak. It kinda backfires on her, but she doesn’t care. She’s determined to defeat the prophecy told about her.

If you haven’t read this series, you should. I’m now anxious for the last one in the series and this book isn’t even out yet! Arrrg. Why do I do this to myself?


Review: Birthright

Purchase here:  birthright

Birthright: Pale Moonlight series, #1 by Marie Johnston

4 out of 5 stars

This is a spin-off series and the original one I bought one after the other because I had to know the full story.

Maggie, baby sister to Jace from Fever Claim, has been in hiding most of her life.
She’s never shifted to her wolf form and was raised as a human. Now, she has good reason for it, mainly because her father and older brother was killed by a power hungry werewolf. He wanted to control the entire pack and wanted to make sure no one else could challenge him.

Porter has been searching for a way to unseat the vicious alpha and finally he’s found a way. Bring Maggie home and have her claim her birthright. It helps that Porter finds her sexy and intriguing, so trying to convince her to come home shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Poor, poor werewolf. He’s about to find out how stubborn Maggie can be.

The sparks fly between these two and it’s so much fun to watch it all go down. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

**Disclaimer – I received a copy from the author, but these are my honest opinions.**

Book Process

Calling All Beta Readers

Okay, maybe not all of you, just a few. 😉 I’m searching for someone who loves to rip stories apart – to be helpful, not to make me cry. I can handle constructive criticism, such as “This line makes him sound like a jerk.” and not “Wow, you think you can write? Damn, you should quit.” Because that is not constructive and is just mean.

But if you enjoy smoothing out stories, working on the flow, and the nitpicking things that don’t make sense, then I’d love to have you on board. Just fill out the form linked below, which is super easy because it’s simply your name and email address. I’ll send you the first two chapters for the novella I’m working on, and then you send back your thoughts. If we’re a good fit, then the rest of the story is sent along. And hey, if you don’t like what you read and don’t think you can do the beta read for whatever reason, then just let me know. No hard feelings.

I wish I had a blurb to share for this novella, which will be approximately 20k words, but I’ve been working flat out just getting this novella done. And I’m still about 4k short of finishing it, but it’ll be done soon! I can give you the gist of the novella, though. Who knows, maybe it’ll help me figure out a blurb.

Lilith has spent sixty years in an insane asylum, unresponsive to the outside world. She’d made the mistake of trusting the wrong Fae, and in a moment of weakness made a promise she’d forever have to keep. Now she must dance to the mad Queen Titania’s tune, even if it means her own death.

Caymus has always obeyed his Queen, even when he didn’t agree with her. Hard to disobey when he was bound by magic to do so. His latest assignment is one he doesn’t want to complete – infiltrate a demon stronghold and retrieve a stolen item. He has no choice, not even when Titania demands Lilith’s inclusion on the mission.

Okay, so that’s rough. Wow, I think I got splinters from it. But you get the gist, right? Something’s going down and the Queen is calling the shots. So anyway, back to the original point of my post, if you enjoy beta reading and want to give it a try with me, just fill out the form and I’ll get back to you.