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Rogue: A Valkyrie Tale by Tonya Coffey


Clytie, a Valkyrie, finds herself questioning Odin’s orders when Psyche comes for a shape-shifting panther, Storm. He rescues Clytie from a giant and something inside her changes. A spark ignites, triggering an emotion Valkyries are forbidden to experience. Following her new feelings, Clytie turns her back on all she knows to be with Storm. However, she knows it’s only a matter of time before Odin puts a price on their heads.

Odin furious with his Valkyrie for disobeying him, and proving the Well right, accepts the War is coming and Clytie will be the goddess who dethrones him, unless her sister stops her first.



Tonya Coffey lives in southern Kentucky with her husband and two teen boys. If she isn’t reading a fantasy novel with lots of action, you will find her sitting in front of a canvas painting the landscape which is so abundant around her home.

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Size: 6×9                                                                                             ISBN: 978-1534678002

Trade paperback                                                                                  LCCN: 2016913767

Pages: 217

Price: $9.99

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Deep in the forest of the Appalachian Mountains, a time when the worlds were filled with realms and magick ruled the universe, darkness took over. It was thick with shadows, darker than the void between worlds.

However, a single ray of silver moonlight sliced through black branches, like fingers reaching for the two-foot sword. The hilt had a sleek round pommel, and a cross guard that tilted up towards the grip. Yet, the unique shape of the sword had nothing on the woman wielding the steel blade.

The Valkyrie stood silently in the shadows. Her violet eyes peered through the night, vigilantly watching for the movement of her prey. The crunch of weathered branches, under the foot of a heavy creature, caught her glare. The shadows weaved in and out of the darkness, opening for a figure to pull from the clutches. There you are.

The Valkyrie’s slim fingers gripped the leather hilt, ready for the being to stray in her path. The steps grew into thumps causing the earth beneath her boots to shiver. The beast sliced through the moonlight with his massive form. A bald head with a grotesque scar which wrapped his skull from mouth to eye and a six-foot axe was casually tossed over his broad shoulder.

The sight of the axe made her wince. I do not like those. It was as long as she was tall. She narrowed her eyes at the beast, refusing to let it win. She willed her heart to steady, as he moved directly into her path. She drew her blade from the leather sheath attached to her back and attacked.

The Valkyrie’s sword sliced through the air narrowly missing the beast’s shoulder. He dipped, pulling the sharp edge of the axe across his body toward her. She dove to the ground, rolling once, and then advancing on his back with swift jabs.

The beast roared, showing thick jagged teeth, the same color of his graying skin. His muscles bulged as he tossed the axe from hand to hand, twirling it like a windmill. The Valkyrie dodged the blows making quick strikes of her own, penetrating the thick flesh of his torso.

In frustration, the beast stomped his fur covered boot against the ground, causing the earth to shake. A massive crack split the ground under the Valkyrie’s feet. She gasped, falling to the side. The beast tossed his axe, twisting it end over end, at her. The Valkyrie’s eyes darted from the darkness of the crack, to the edge of the two-foot blade, closing in on her.

A fast movement from her right caused her to jerk in the direction as an animal slammed into her body. The momentum sent her across the parting ground, into the underbrush, and onto the opposite side in a roll.

Her breath came fast, as she scrambled to her feet, clutching her metal companion. The thumps of bodies slamming into one another like steel anvils drew her attention. She ran to the action with narrowed eyes, stopping short at the scene playing out in front of her.

The beast wrestled with a black panther. The bright whites of the panther’s teeth shined in the moonlight, as they snapped at the brute. His shiny coat, as dark as the shadows, made it look as if the beast fought against the night itself.

Sinking its teeth into the creature’s bared thigh, it drew blood. The beast fell to one knee, wrapping his massive arm around the cat’s body. The panther roared, and clamped his jaws around the neck of his opponent. Then the forest became quiet as their bodies stilled.

They fell to the ground with a thump. The panther pulled his body from the beast’s clutches. The Valkyrie ran to the cat, apprehensive about coming into contact with it. Eyes a golden yellow, brighter than the sun, met her gaze. She drew in a breath, staring at the eyes of a creature who was more human than animal. She felt as if she saw into his soul. He had the soul of a good and caring man who tried to protect her.

The Valkyrie knelt by the panther, emotions stirred in her body that she never knew existed. Her stomach ached. Her heart beat in an odd way. Familiarity hit. She remembered something about the cat; dreams she had of him. Most nights she closed her eyes, she dreamed of a black panther, he walked next to her, protecting her.

Now, he lay in front of her, breaths from death. He had put his life before hers and protected her as she imagined. Why? She wondered.