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Killarney Camping 

I haven’t gone campgrounds camping in a long time, Algonquin notwithstanding. We usually go to our out-of-the-way spot where the only ones who know about it are friends.

We drove four hours, give or take a few minutes for pit stops and arrived just shortly after 3:30 at this gorgeous provincial park.


Is that not beautiful or what? We’re near the lake, but not so close that we’d see a lot of foot traffic. However, that wind! Note to self, when by the lake, it’s freaken windy and can be cold. Luckily, we had decent sleeping bags and remembered to bring some warmer clothes.It was a treat to unload the Jeep and just set everything up. Less exhausting than usual. *laughs* Everything was set up and ready to go within an hour. Supper was a breeze since we bought fire wood – kind of have to in a provincial park, don’t want to introduce foreign species. And the fire pit was decent. Love the grill on top.

And the view is simply wonderful. Definitely no complaints there from me.

Sadly, the raccoons didn’t get the memo that we were in Woodchuck, not Raccoon.

See, Woodchuck:


Not Raccoon, you jerks! We had about five or six of the ballsy buggers show up around 3 AM to visit and fight! Ugh, the hissing, growling, and sheer noise they made. We, thankfully, have a Pelican cooler which latches shut and has a gasket seal, so they couldn’t get into the food. They did attempt to get into the Jeep. We found footprints on the hood, the mirrors had been moved, and they even tried to open the gas cap.

After that wonderful disruption to our sleep, we decided on Wednesday to hike to The Crack. One of our sole reasons for coming to Killarny was this hiking trail and damn, it was worth it!

The walk took about two hours in and an hour and half out. Some of the extra time in was due to us getting slightly lost. Really need better trail makers in the pine forest. We weren’t the only ones lost, though. *laughs* Another family played the Marco Polo game as they tried to find the path and each other. Don’t worry, they found one another and also got to The Crack before us.

How about some pictures, huh?

One of the many uphill parts we had to climb. It wasn’t any more fun to walk down this. My poor, aching knee. So worth it, though!

That is The Crack in the distance, where the two white rocks split. We went up on the right side.

Start of the climb in The Crack. Let me tell you, it was interesting. Some parts, we crawled up, searching for the proper footholds, hoping the end was near! I did some cursing, almost quit, wondered why my husband would punish me with this hike, but continued on. Truthfully, I’m a whiner and the climb wasn’t difficult. Heck, our eight year old son did it. And did a fantastic job, too, I might add. He’s also used to hikes and while this one had a lot of uphills and a little rock climbing, it wasn’t one of our longer hikes – only 4.6 km.

In the Crack

The kid and I in The Crack.

This is the top of The Crack and look at that view. My god, isn’t that just stunning! I would do this hike again in a heartbeat… Once my knee stops hating me.

Looking Down into The Crack

Looking down into The Crack. Nope, I didn’t take this picture, my husband did. I’m afraid of heights.

A wider shot of our view. So incredibly beautiful.


And now a panoramic taken by my husband. Yes, that’s me in the picture. 🙂 We stayed for about half hour, just soaking up the majestic nature and eating our sandwiches. Took several selfies of the three of us but due to privacy, I won’t be posting those.

The Crack

My husband brought his GPS with him so we could see how far we walked. Plus, in case we got lost, which we almost did. Okay, not really. We would’ve found our way back easily enough.

After we hiked back, we decided a swim was in order.

A little private beach for us to enjoy. The kid had a blast in the water, after we got past the initial “Holy crap, it’s freezing!” screams from all of us. We had a nice sandy section that dropped off really fast. Great for swimming and again, a beautiful view. My crazy husband decided to jump off one of the rocks into the water. Good thing it was so deep! Of course, we’d checked that out beforehand.

Then, because we’re crazy, we decided to walk the Bog trail. The pink rocks were striking and after his initial complaints about them being pink, the kid appreciated the beauty of them. He even found a few small pink and red rocks to keep.

Unfortunately, my knee couldn’t handle the full trail. With all the ups and downs of the previous hike, I was in ouch mode. We walked for about twenty minutes and then headed back.

Da Bear!

Oooh, my husband and our friend saw a bear on their way into town! A little cub, probably about a year old or so. The picture is a little fuzzy because they were driving. Don’t worry, our friend was driving and my husband took the picture.

Overall, we had an amazing time and it’s sparked a desire in us to visit other national and provincial parks. Next year, we’re booking at another park.

Where was your favourite spot to camp?