Review: Hell to Pay

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Hell to Pay by Lisa Emme

4 out of 5 stars

This is the fourth book in the Harry Russo Diaries. You can read my previous reviews for Dead and Kicking, Tooth and Claw and oops, I didn’t write my review for Deadlocked here, but you can read it on Goodreads here.

Harry’s town has a bit of a problem. People are are going just a teensy bit crazy and beating the snot out of each other. And if that wasn’t enough of an issue, the place where she’d almost been sacrificed is now open for business as a nightclub. It ain’t easy being Harry.

I enjoyed this book as a continuation of Harry and seeing more of her world. The mystery was interesting and not what I was expecting at all, although that could be because I’m slow on the uptake. 😉 Bryce, the literal ghost in the machine, amuses me, although we didn’t get to see much of him in this installment. I love seeing more of Max and can’t wait to get a story with him.

Overall, a fun read.


Reveiw: Blackbirds & Bourbon

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Blackbirds & Bourbon, Toil & Trouble #2 by Heather R. Blair

10 out of 5 stars – What? I’m allowed. It’s my blog! 😉

Oh my god, look at that amazing cover! And trust me, you want to judge this book by its cover because the story was stunning.

I devoured this story and finished it in one day. However, I had also badgered (again!) poor Heather into letting me have an early copy. I couldn’t help it. PS, this only works because we’re friends, so please, don’t badger her. I do it out of love. 😉

Now, because we’re friends, that doesn’t mean I’m pulling any punches with this review. I’m not sugarcoating or blowing smoke. I seriously loved this book.

Jack has me twisted in knots. Is he good? Isn’t he? I want to believe the best in him, but damn it, he’s done some dodgy things. We see a lot more of him in this story and I understand where he’s coming from. Doesn’t mean I want him hurting Seph.

And wow, Seph. Not many women in stories I adore, but she is one of them. She’s had a harsh go of it lately, although I’m not saying what because of spoilers. She’s been a little mopey, which was justified and at one point she decides to wrestle the beast to the ground, so to speak. It kinda backfires on her, but she doesn’t care. She’s determined to defeat the prophecy told about her.

If you haven’t read this series, you should. I’m now anxious for the last one in the series and this book isn’t even out yet! Arrrg. Why do I do this to myself?


Review: Birthright

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Birthright: Pale Moonlight series, #1 by Marie Johnston

4 out of 5 stars

This is a spin-off series and the original one I bought one after the other because I had to know the full story.

Maggie, baby sister to Jace from Fever Claim, has been in hiding most of her life.
She’s never shifted to her wolf form and was raised as a human. Now, she has good reason for it, mainly because her father and older brother was killed by a power hungry werewolf. He wanted to control the entire pack and wanted to make sure no one else could challenge him.

Porter has been searching for a way to unseat the vicious alpha and finally he’s found a way. Bring Maggie home and have her claim her birthright. It helps that Porter finds her sexy and intriguing, so trying to convince her to come home shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Poor, poor werewolf. He’s about to find out how stubborn Maggie can be.

The sparks fly between these two and it’s so much fun to watch it all go down. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

**Disclaimer – I received a copy from the author, but these are my honest opinions.**


Review: Demetrius

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Demetrius: New Vampire Disorder, #1 by Marie Johnston

5 out of 5 stars

I’ve been a fan of Marie Johnston since first read Fever Claim (The Sigma Menace #1). I devoured each book in the Sigma Menace series as soon as they were available. When I found out she was starting a new series and the first book was about Demetrius, I almost squeal in excitement. Okay, I squealed. I can’t help it. These books are addictive!

Demetrius, both the book and the vampire, was fantastic. He lived up to my expectations of a vampire with a plan. He was instrumental in the other series, although I won’t tell you why because spoilers! Needless to say, he put up with a lot of stuff in order to see his plan through. In this series, he’s heading up a new organization, one that will benefit vampires and shifters alike.

Calli was an interesting heroine. Normally, I’m not one for the manwhore/virgin troupe, but in this book, it was well done. She had a good reason as to why she remained a virgin, yet that wasn’t her whole personality. She wasn’t defined by her sexuality or lack of it. PS, loved that she watched “videos” so she wasn’t totally naive. Calli didn’t put up with any crap from Demetrius, and called him on a few things. Love a woman who’s willing to stand up for herself.

Ms. Johnston did a great job in setting up for the next books in the series. There are no cliffhangers, just little tidbits that make me want more. Rourke is up next and I’m looking forward to his story.

**Disclaimer – I received this book in exchange for a review. My opinions are my own.**


Review: Tooth and Claw

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Tooth and Claw: The Harry Russo Diaries, #2 by Lisa Emme

5 out of 5 stars

I read the first Harry Russo book and loved it. So when the author, Lisa Emme, asked me if I wanted an ARC, I almost jumped through my computer screen to yell, “Yes! Give it to me now!” I think I was more polite in my response to her, though. 😉

In this book, Harry is learning how to control her powers and some parts are damn amusing. Seriously, I was giggling like a crazy women and my husband would just raise an eyebrow at me like I was crazy. And no, I won’t tell you which ones because that would ruin the enjoyment!

Poor Harry also had to keep with her agreement for dinner dates ones a week for nine weeks with the scary magistrate. Although she didn’t keep the truck he gave her. Score one for independent Harry. 😉

Nash, what can I say about Nash? He’s an alpha through and through, thinks he knows best although Harry doesn’t let that stop her, and goes out of his way to comfort Harry when she needs it. There were several sigh-worthy moments from Nash, and a few smack-him-upside the heads ones as well, exactly what I want from the hero. Don’t want him boring!

The story and the overall flow was great. Not once did I want to put the book down or get bored. Actually, I told my family that they couldn’t talk to my until I was done. Too bad they ignored me. The ending as left me begging for more. I can’t wait to read the next book. How long until it comes out?

**Disclaimer – I received a copy from the author, but these are my honest opinions.**


Review: Dead and Kicking

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Dead and Kicking by Lisa Emme

4 out of 5 stars

I started this book last night and figured I’d read a chapter or two then watch an episode of Supernatural…. I did not watch Supernatural. And those of you who know me, know that I adore Jensen Ackles. So for me to give up staring at my favourite actor to read a book means something.

Harry, the female lead, amused me, although a few times I wanted to smack her upside the head for ignoring some obvious things. I loved that she was loyal and did the right thing even when it landed her into trouble. She didn’t cower away from it. Plus, she wasn’t a bitch! Some people feel that making a woman strong means she has to be a bitch. Ugh.

And Nash… well hello. Now there’s someone I want to wake up next to. While he was overbearing, he was still surprisingly sweet. And Harry, well, she didn’t put up with his shit.

The world building was decent. It slowly unwrapped without overwhelming or giving major info dumps. I want to learn more about Isaac, the vampire, as well as the Magistrate. Now there was one scary dude.

Overall, I enjoyed the story, I loved the characters, and I can’t wait to read more.


Review: Lawful Claim

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Lawful Claim by Marie Johnston

5 out of 5 stars

Now who didn’t see a 5 star coming for this one? Ha! You’d be delusion if you thought otherwise.

*sigh* Damn, that was amazing, wonderful, suspenseful, and just effing great. Loved E and Ana. I’d been impatiently waiting for E’s story since he showed up with the crazy and enigmatic X. Both of whom weren’t quite what they seemed.

Ten years ago, E had to make a decision: fight and probably die or become a monster to protect his wife. Guess which one he chose? And yet, he still kept his core of humanity even with all that he witnessed and the death he caused. My heart broke for him, especially when he knew his wife was with another. Not all that surprising since he’d apparently died ten years ago.

And Ana… major girl crush on her. Smart with a cool head. Sure, she was freaked out to find out vampires and werewolves existed, but when it came to protecting her kid, she was deadly. Though understandably upset over her not-actually-dead husband’s actions for the past ten years, she didn’t guilt him for it.

A shame Madame G wasn’t happy over losing one of her prize agents. That vile, evil bitch.

If you haven’t been reading this series, why the hell not? Now excuse me while I stalk the author until I get my hands on X’s story. She’s up next. *fangirl squeal*


Pleasing The Boss by Vickie Valentine

Kaleidoscope Heart Book Reviews

25951009 Hell in the company of Damon Baxter was blissfully hot.

He named the poshest nightclub in town after the color of his eyes. A conceited and narcissistic gesture, to be sure. But after one night in his bed, I didn’t care about his arrogance or his money. I only cared about his chiseled body, and the masterful way he used it to please mine.

I offered him a single night of pleasure, but when he demanded another in that deep and sexy whisper, what could I say?

He was my boss, and I always aimed to please… when it pleased me.

He didn’t care that I broke his rules. But was I ready to break my own?

Series: Billionaire Obsession – #2
Publish Date: July 21, 2015
Length: 88 pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
 Rachel Annie

This copy as provided by the author in exchange for a fair and…

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Fever Claim by Marie Johnston

Here’s what I had to say about Fever Claim. I’m in the throes of a new fangirl crush, and loving the world Marie Johnston has created.

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23786512 After being ditched only weeks before her wedding, Cassie Stockwell wasn’t out looking for a hookup.

Then the devastatingly handsome bartender she’d been trying not to obsess over for months offered to give her a ride home. What could one night hurt?

When his future was almost taken away after one impulsive decision, wolf-shifter Jace Miller waited patiently for months before making a move on the woman he knew to be his destined mate.

But will one night of passion keep his little human by his side once she learns of his world and the danger it brings to her doorstep?

Series: The Sigma Menace – #1
Publish Date: December 14, 2014
126 pages
Paranormal Romance
Veronica Del Rosa

I’m not sure how to review this book without gushing like a fangirl. The characters were fleshed out and felt so real, like I could sit…

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Review: The Witch and the Hunter


The Hunter and the Witch by Rachel Chanticleer

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
It’s amazing what some writers can put into a short story. I’m in serious awe of Rachel Chanticleer’s talent. With a few words she painted a clear picture of Bethany, the witch, and Lucius, the hunter. And Lucius was so yummy!

I adored the battle scene near the end, and was on the edge of my seat throughout it. If I hadn’t been at work, hiding my reading addiction, I would’ve cheered and groaned. *laughs*

A great introduction into what could be a fascinating UF world.

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