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Elijah the Bloody is drawing to a close. Only two more chapters left. If you want to read more about Elijah, then why haven’t you read Dawn’s Keeper yet? That sexy, powerful mage is front and centre, along with the lethal vampire, Dawn.

Speaking of lethal vampires…long time ago, there was one who could withstand the daylight. She became the protector of her race, obliterating any army that came near their homesteads. Horus, daughter of Isis and Osiris, is introduced in Assassinated Love which is the love story between Isis and Osiris, as well as the origins of vampires.

Vote below for which short story you wish for me to write. It’ll follow the same format as Elijah the Bloody, a chapter released each Wednesday.

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Ooh, did that get your attention? 😉 Gotta love book sales. I know I do.

On August 25th, Assassinated Love will be live. It’s already on preorder at Amazon here. So in celebration for my sixth book written, three novels and three novellas, I have coupons for the first three books. The prequel, Throwing Away the Good, is always free at Smashwords. Since I’m not in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program as it demands me to be exclusive to Amazon, these coupons will be for Smashwords. Registration is quick and easy, plus it allows access to multiple platforms. If you use a Kindle, download the mobi.  Kobo and iBooks uses epub.

And now on to the coupons! ETA: Coupons no longer work.

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In case you’re wondering where the 3rd novella is, I included it in Sylvia’s Torment as a bonus. Yeah, I know, sometimes I’m just too sweet. 😉 Oh yes, and these coupons can be used by multiple people and will be good until July 19th. *gasp* Two weeks? Yep, two whole weeks! So share this post, share the coupons, and enjoy a paranormal romance/urban fantasy blend.

In case you were wondering why you should start reading this series, here’s what others are saying about it.

Throwing Away the Good ~ This novella was a great read! The story, plotting, world-building and characterization were very creative and original (which gets harder and harder to find once you’ve have read several dozen paranormal romance type books).  

Magic Resistant ~ It’s not your typical paranormal novel and brings new ideas alive, making it different and more exciting than standard novels. The two main characters, Jackson and Julia are both intriguing and very different! Julia wasn’t one to break the rules until Jackson came along and taught her that sometimes you have to break the rules to get the answers you need.

Sylvia’s Torment ~ He’s a tough, unrelenting, shrewd leader who hunts down his missing lifemate with the same fierce tenacity that won him his position as the head of Toronto’s packs. But as you read on you discover Derek is a study in contrasts. Despite his icy facade and all that power, the tenderness and adoration he shows for his woman as she recovers from a horrific ordeal is a refreshing character trait for an uber-alpha male in the PNR genre.

Dawn’s Keeper ~ The playful interaction between Elijah and Dawn combined with their take-no-sh!t attitudes was refreshing, and the back story was fascinating. It is always wonderful to see favorite characters from the past as well. *coughMarcuscough* The action throughout the novel was well timed, and with all the plot twists, I found myself never getting bored. I definitely recommend this series- It’s a sure thing for a great read. 

Cover Art

Cover reveal… again!

Oh my, it seems like just a few weeks ago that I did the cover reveal for Dawn’s Keeper, due out in June. Wait a moment, it was. 😉 If you like, you can view that cover here. It’s the 3rd book in the Enforcers and Coterie series.

But that’s not what we’re all here for. No, we want to see the cover for the novella, the one that explains the origins of the vampires in the E&C universe. Set in Ancient Egypt, it takes us through the journey of two different people falling in love, and what happens when one ignores the laws of his people.

Assassinated Love Full Size

Assassinated Love will be out in August. Check back for preorder information.

And my lovely author friend, Jen Winters, hosted a cover reveal on her blog along with updates for events she’ll be part of this coming few months. Go, read, and enjoy!