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Happy Halloween, Readers! Jen Winters here, guest posting on Veronica Del Rosa’s blog! Thank you so much Veronica for having me and giving me the chance to chat with you today!

For those of you who don’t know me, I write paranormal romance as well as homeschool my kids, and stay at home mom. You can tell I do all these things because my house is only clean once a month…for about two hours…

I am also a staunch supporter of the indie community! I promote and advertise other indie authors as much as I am able, and I admin a very special Facebook group called Author Promo Co-op. We don’t actually promote to each other, we help each other promote to our readers! This is an author’s resource group and a close knit circle of friends. We welcome any supporter of the indie community and liberally use the ban button to keep the spam away.

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Jen Winters – Fangirl Worthy Indie Author


Hi, Jen, thanks for joining us. I’m excited to have you here today. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do when you’re not writing?

I have several different titles that define me: wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, author, co-author, homeschool teacher, tooth fairy, Santa, dishwasher…haha. So when I’m not writing, I am defining all those titles and trying to be the best me I can be. My husband thinks I’m the best, my children love me more than I could have ever imagined, and I can’t express how proud I am of my children-students nor how messy my house gets during the week when I’m more busy than I have free time.

Ah, a messy house… I can’t remember how a tidy one looks anymore. *laughs* It’s like little monsters break in while we’re not paying attention. Speaking of monsters, how did you choose paranormal romance as the genre to write in?

First, I love PNR. I love reading it and I love writing it. I chose it because I wanted to share my love for it with other readers. Second, I wanted a genre that gets widely read. PNR has the benefit of enticing romance readers, urban fantasy readers, and fantasy readers.

I agree, PNR has such a wide variety available to it. When you get an idea do you work with an outline or prefer to see where an idea takes you?

I outline my story in my head before I begin to write, then I let my writing take me where it will. I start with characters I want to explore and decide what kind of plot I want to use, then I let their character development and the story line take me on an adventure. Sometimes I have those moments that make me say, “Wow!” Especially when I learn something about my characters I didn’t know!

Ha! Yeah, I’ve had those moments. Almost makes you wonder if they’re real and whispering their secrets to you. What about your secrets? Are you a bug killer? Do you go out of your way to murder the little suckers? Which ones make you screech and hide? For me, it’s spiders. Hate them. *shudders*

Moths. I hate moths. Yes I know it’s irrational, but my rational mind can’t overtake my duck-and-cover instincts. Other than that, as long as they are outside my house, I don’t bother them. The ones on the inside are hunted to extinction.

Huh, moths, I can see that. Wanna-be butterflies, just a little creepier. What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

The hardest critique I received about Kissing Demons came from you, actually. You were so excited about reading my book and then when you had, you were a bit disappointed by the sweetness and how little time Alex got in the story. The truth is, you were the most helpful review I’ve received and words cannot express how thankful I am for that critique. Your review inspired my second published work, Kissing the Rain, and I have had monumentally better reception of that novelette because of you.
The best compliment came from Mistral Dawn, who also reviewed Kissing Demons and gave me a 5 star review. She saw the same book you did, understood the little things that I was trying to convey, and for her it was a 5 star read.
While I have had more reviews than just those two, the sincerity of both reviewers and the conversations after each review was posted have made the most impact on me as a writer.

Hmm, on one hand, sorry! On the other hand, I do adore your novellette, Kissing the Rain. Plus it allowed us to get to know each other, and I’m now anxiously awaiting your next book. Do you write on a typewriter, computer, dictate or longhand?

I use my computer for my current work-in-progress, but I have a notebook I write in for my side projects. I’m even typing up these answers on my Kindle Fire, so I guess I’m a bit of a dabbler 🙂

Now I’m curious to peek at your notebook. Always interesting to see what’s been jotted down. What project are you working on now?

My next novel out will be Falling Angels. It is book 2 in the Guardian series and features Ambrose, a fallen angel, and a Guardian, Lavinia Alba. The two of them go through a cycle of love-hate while working together to find and save Ambrose’s brother. This book details a lot of the history of the supernatural in my series since Ambrose is so paramount to each species’ existence.

Yay, another Guardian book! I had my fingers crossed for that. Excuse me while I happy dance. Since you have a series going, what are your thoughts on writing a book series?

I love series books, but I am not a fan of serials. I prefer to read series in three book intervals, however I love the Dark Hunter series and it has how many? My series will be in trilogy groups. The Guardians may get nine books, but each will be part of a three book grouping. I also prefer series in which each book can be read as a stand alone, so even though I will have three book groupings, any of those three will be able to be read without the other two.

Ah, gotcha. That makes sense. Easier for readers to enjoy them in small “bites”, but still look forward to more. Will you have a new book coming out soon?

My plan (fingers crossed) is to have Falling Angels out in June ’15 and Raising Hell out in December ’15.

Since I can’t be the only one fangirling over you, let’s share the love! How can readers discover more about you and your work?


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Thank you for your time, Jen. It was great talking to you. Now go finish writing Falling Angels so I can swoon over Ambrose and that other hunky demon I won’t name. *wink, wink*