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50% off all my books

Ooh, did that get your attention? 😉 Gotta love book sales. I know I do.

On August 25th, Assassinated Love will be live. It’s already on preorder at Amazon here. So in celebration for my sixth book written, three novels and three novellas, I have coupons for the first three books. The prequel, Throwing Away the Good, is always free at Smashwords. Since I’m not in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program as it demands me to be exclusive to Amazon, these coupons will be for Smashwords. Registration is quick and easy, plus it allows access to multiple platforms. If you use a Kindle, download the mobi.  Kobo and iBooks uses epub.

And now on to the coupons! ETA: Coupons no longer work.

For Throwing Away the GoodFree!

For Magic Resistant –

For Sylvia’s Torment –

For Dawn’s Keeper –

In case you’re wondering where the 3rd novella is, I included it in Sylvia’s Torment as a bonus. Yeah, I know, sometimes I’m just too sweet. 😉 Oh yes, and these coupons can be used by multiple people and will be good until July 19th. *gasp* Two weeks? Yep, two whole weeks! So share this post, share the coupons, and enjoy a paranormal romance/urban fantasy blend.

In case you were wondering why you should start reading this series, here’s what others are saying about it.

Throwing Away the Good ~ This novella was a great read! The story, plotting, world-building and characterization were very creative and original (which gets harder and harder to find once you’ve have read several dozen paranormal romance type books).  

Magic Resistant ~ It’s not your typical paranormal novel and brings new ideas alive, making it different and more exciting than standard novels. The two main characters, Jackson and Julia are both intriguing and very different! Julia wasn’t one to break the rules until Jackson came along and taught her that sometimes you have to break the rules to get the answers you need.

Sylvia’s Torment ~ He’s a tough, unrelenting, shrewd leader who hunts down his missing lifemate with the same fierce tenacity that won him his position as the head of Toronto’s packs. But as you read on you discover Derek is a study in contrasts. Despite his icy facade and all that power, the tenderness and adoration he shows for his woman as she recovers from a horrific ordeal is a refreshing character trait for an uber-alpha male in the PNR genre.

Dawn’s Keeper ~ The playful interaction between Elijah and Dawn combined with their take-no-sh!t attitudes was refreshing, and the back story was fascinating. It is always wonderful to see favorite characters from the past as well. *coughMarcuscough* The action throughout the novel was well timed, and with all the plot twists, I found myself never getting bored. I definitely recommend this series- It’s a sure thing for a great read. 

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Updates – I have a few…

As you may recall, a little while back I kinda fell in love with a cover artist named Julie. Visit her website. Her work has me in awe. I wish I could show you all the covers she’s made me, but some of them won’t be out for a year or so. Yeah, I went a little crazy. *laughs*

After she created the cover for Chained in Desire, the one I’m working on now, along with two other covers later on in the series, I realized my other covers just didn’t line up. I liked the covers, but I didn’t love them. Julie had also added in a theme, the silver name and subtitle and the flames at the bottom. It excited me. It motivated me. Until I looked at my older covers, then I was a wee bit depressed.

I had a fantastic idea. Change the older covers! Convince Julie she needed to make me new ones, which the sweetheart of a woman did. You can see them all over there —> and, um, down a bit. It’s on the sidebar, I swear!

If you want a better look at them along with the blurbs, go to the Enforcers and Coterie page. Aren’t they gorgeous!

Now some of you may have noticed I’d been updating the covers along the side. If you did, good eye. I know I haven’t really mentioned it previously because I was revising the books as well. I sent Magic Resistant to my editor, Elizabeth, who then smacked my fingers for several mistakes and helped me shape it into a more cohesive story. I also rewrote the fight scenes. I’ll add a snippet at the end.

Both Throwing Away the Good and Magic Resistant have been updated on Amazon and Smashwords, so if you’ve already bought them, then grab the new version. You’ll know it’s the correct one when you see “Revised June 2015” in the copyright information. If it doesn’t update for you, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

I wanted all this done in time for my latest release, Dawn’s Keeper. And I did it. Whew! Go me. And to help celebrate my third book, myself and a fellow author, Jen Winters, are having a launch party on June 16th. There will be games, giveaways, prizes, and more. It starts at 10 am and runs until 11 pm Daylights Central Time. Join us or drop in throughout the day. There are 13 authors lined up including little old me.

And at the Gala, I’ll be revealing the cover for Chained in Desire, Victor’s book. *sigh* He’s one sexy man. Don’t miss it! Join us at the Grand Gala Paranormal Release Day <– Click the link, join the event. Do it. Do it! You know you wanna. 😉

Oh yes, I almost forgot the snippet for one of the new fight scenes.

Her mage sense alerted her to trouble, and she ducked. Her shielding flared, brilliant white lights indicating the strength of the hit. The third troll, having learned from Jackson’s agility, had swung low.

Shit, these bastards aren’t completely dumb.

Spinning around to asses her new threat, she immediately regretted it. Another swing, this time lined up with her face, smashed against her shielding. She sent a mental thank  you to Markus for the defensive spells. As the more powerful of the two, he’d insisted on using his magic on the both of them.

She flipped backwards, putting space between her and the club-happy troll. Crouched, she swiftly weighed her options.

Can’t do the fireball, no gun with cold iron bullets, don’t have time to drop resistance and cast since he’s winding up again for another hit. Earring it is.

Touching her star rose quartz stud, she whispered, “Tremere.

The ground beneath the troll’s feet shook. He stumbled, and the tremors increased.

Mentally accessing her grimoire, she settled on an illusion.

Markus would be so proud, she thought wryly. He kept harping on the benefits of illusions, except she wasn’t nearly as powerful as him. While his illusions were flawless, hers shimmered around the edges.

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50% Off My Books

For one week, and one week only each year, Smashwords runs a promotion where participating authors can select discounts for their books. I’ve decided to put both Magic Resistant and Sylvia’s Torment at 50% off. Throwing Away the Good is always free on Smashwords.

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to pick up these books. An exciting blend of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Go to my author’s page here, and choose which book you want. Under the Buy section, there is a coupon code. This code is only valid for Smashwords. Offer is good until March 7th.

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Monday blues

The end of the weekend and the start of a new work week is not my favourite thing. However I do enjoy going to work as it gives me the peace and quiet needed to write. Or in this case, edit. So much editing to do. I believe I’m now done 34 pages so I’m inching closer to the finish line. Yay!
NaNoWriMo is almost upon us and I’m antsy to start although worried too. The ideas are percolating in my mind,  begging for freedom. I just hope they continue flowing.
And thank you to everyone who downloaded a copy of Magic Resistant this weekend. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

Rambling about life

Free book and lazy Saturday

As promised, yesterday I posted the coupon to get Magic Resistant for free. It’ll be good until Monday morning for those who want to read a copy.

Each weekend I think I’ll do some editing, writing, something to do with my novel. And each weekend it doesn’t happen. My kid is a very energetic 6 year old who doesn’t have an off switch. He loves to talk. I’m pretty sure he gets it from his father. (Okay, it’s from me!) Which means I don’t get much time to think and writing would consist of a lot of weirdness. He loves Minecraft and paranormal romance just doesn’t have a place for it. Creepers exploding, building a farm, hiding from monsters at night. Actually that last part might work. *laughs*

We spent some time standing outside the LCBO (liquor store for non-Canadians). No, I wasn’t starting my son on an early life of drinking. He started Beavers this year (Boy Scouts) and today is their apple day. He stood by the doors, looked cute and asked for donations. Those who did donate received an apple as a thank you. For a talkative kid, he certainly shuts up when someone new talks to him. Funny thing is he’s not that shy. Apples are now all gone and we’re having a lazy day of watching TV and playing Minecraft. It’s too cold to spend time at the park.

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Free this weekend!

As promised yesterday, here is the coupon to download my book Magic Resistant for free. It is on Smashwords, so you’ll need to create a free account with them. Click on this link and “buy” the book. At that point, you can input the coupon and voilà, free book. 🙂

Share with friends as this coupon can be used multiple times. As I said, a review would be greatly appreciated since word of mouth is important to indie authors.

Coupon KT96R

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Magic Resistant – Free!

Now that I have your attention… 😉 For this weekend, I’m giving away a coupon for Magic Resistant. It’s for Smashwords which means whatever format you wish to download it, you can. Mobi, epub, iBook, PDF. It’s all there.
I would appreciate a review as word of mouth is extremely important to indie authors. However if that’s not your thing and you just want a free book to read, then enjoy.
Don’t forget, the prequel, Throwing Away the Good, is always free on Smashwords. Just click on the link to the right and it’ll take you right to it.
The next book of the series, Sylvia’s Torment, is in the works. It’s written, just needs some fine tuning. Soon I’ll have the cover reveal. 🙂
Stay tuned for the coupon, I’ll post it on Friday!