Making my son happy

A not so new game

The kid’s been sick since Saturday. Nothing serious, a slight fever with a sore throat. On Sunday night he had a mild rash on his chest so we decided to keep him home from school on Monday, just in case.

Well, I had planned on writing on Monday. Do you have any idea how difficult that is with a talkative, mildly energetic seven year old? He was less energetic than usual, a sure sign that he wasn’t feeling good. We decided – he coerced, I caved – to play Terraria. He knows I can’t play long hours on Minecraft because of my vertigo. It seems I don’t have those issues with Terraria. Maybe it’s because of the sidescrolling nature of the game.

Either way, we spent about five hours on Monday playing and five hours today. Don’t judge! He didn’t have any school today because they’re doing a re-organization. We wanted to get a hard mode server going and damn, that takes a lot of work. First though I needed Lava Waders. After hours of searching different chests, my husband found the Water Walking Boots and then a Lava Charm. Combine them with an Obsidian Skull and voila, I can now walk on lava. Yay!

It’s hard to believe how additive this game can be. You think, “I’ll do an for an hour or so. No big deal.” and then bam! It’s several hours later and you have no idea what’s for supper. We had homemade pizza, by the way. *laughs*

The worse thing, though, is that I want to load up the game and play some more. I’ve got the housing done for the hard mode server, so now I need to make a hell-avator – elevator into Hell – so it’s easier to defeat the Wall of Flesh.

So, uh, yeah… gotta go!