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Excerpt Monday

It’s my first post of the year and I’m excited about some new changes I’ve implemented in my writing life. I’m focusing on productivity and how to manage my time. I’ll admit, I’m a procrastinator. Deadlines are a fantastic way to motivate me, but it means I also waste a lot of time when I could be doing something else. This year, I’m writing three books at a time, which means I’ll have the rough draft of three completed by the spring time. Yay!

To celebrate this, each Monday, I’ll post a short excerpt from one of the three books. This week, it’ll be from Poisoned Message, the last book in the Enforcers and Coterie series. Please keep in mind, this is unedited. 🙂

Night slowly settled on the beach as the sun drifted below the horizon. Pink clouds drifted across the sky, and the stars played peek-a-boo. Water lapped against the sand while a light breeze brushed against Nicor’s skin and ruffled his hair. He sighed, wishing for one brief moment that he could remain here forever, cocooned away from the daily horror of his life. Maybe, once the Overlord was dead, he’d moved near the ocean.

“Nicor, why did you bring another demon with you?” Mara’s light, sweet voice startled him from his reverie and he whirled to face her.

“Because I have no idea why you called this meeting,” he said, sticking as close to the facts as possible. “Perhaps you could enlighten me?”

Mara’s blonde curls caught the dying light, turning them into a bright fire that danced around her head and her blue eyes seemed like bottomless pits, filled with an ancient and destructive knowledge. So much pain and yet, she remained innocent and caring. How much of Mara was a lie? Did anyone know the truth about her?

“Reveal yourself, demon. There is no need to hide from me.” Mara stared at Keliesh, like she knew exactly where he stood. See invisible? Well, of course. He should’ve suspected she’d have a multitude of spells cast.

Keliesh dropped his invis and bowed to the Mage Coterie leader, the movement respectful, not mocking. “It’s an honour to meet you face to face at last.”

“Yes, I’m sure it is. And you’re part of the abduction team?” A well-groomed eyebrow disappeared beneath her bangs while she waited for their reply.

Nicor shook his head and mentally cursed. How had she figured it out? They would never subdue her now.