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Author Interview: Robyn Peterman!

Q&A with Robyn Peterman, NYT and USA Today bestseller author

Jen Winters is an Indie Author

robyn petermanLast Sunday I had the opportunity to do a Q&A with Robyn Peterman, author of the BOTM we have this month in Trail-Mix Readers, Ready to Were (FREE!!!)

Here is a transcript of the conversation, and btw, if you haven’t read this woman’s comedy/parody PNRs you need to get into them. They are fantabulous!

J=Jen Winters R=Robyn Peterman, C= Candace Johnson Fox, V=Veronica Del Rosa

J: I’m going to start us off with a hard one! Robyn Peterman, I adore your comedy/parody. How did you get into writing it? What drew you to comedy and keeps you writing more?

R: I was an actress for most of my adult life and comedy is what I love. I used to punch up scripts (write jokes and stuff for scripts) when I was acting! I didn’t actually finish a book until 3 years ago…

J: DAFUQ?! YOU have a library on kindle…how to do you…

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