Review: Hell to Pay

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Hell to Pay by Lisa Emme

4 out of 5 stars

This is the fourth book in the Harry Russo Diaries. You can read my previous reviews for Dead and Kicking, Tooth and Claw and oops, I didn’t write my review for Deadlocked here, but you can read it on Goodreads here.

Harry’s town has a bit of a problem. People are are going just a teensy bit crazy and beating the snot out of each other. And if that wasn’t enough of an issue, the place where she’d almost been sacrificed is now open for business as a nightclub. It ain’t easy being Harry.

I enjoyed this book as a continuation of Harry and seeing more of her world. The mystery was interesting and not what I was expecting at all, although that could be because I’m slow on the uptake. 😉 Bryce, the literal ghost in the machine, amuses me, although we didn’t get to see much of him in this installment. I love seeing more of Max and can’t wait to get a story with him.

Overall, a fun read.

Book Process, Excerpt Monday

Excerpt Monday

Another Monday and another excerpt! Last week I shared one from Poisoned Message, so this week I’ll share from Bad Wolf Hunting. BWH is the first book of a new series. It’s a spin-off from Enforcers and Coteries, focusing on the werewolves of Toronto.

Patient and still, Zmitro waited for her to leave. She had no reason to remain and yet, Mara didn’t move, simply stared into the flames like they had another story to tell her. What did she see in the flicking light?

“Come out, Zmitro. Join me by the fire.” Her gaze unerringly found him, startling him. Had she cast a spell?

With a shrug of his wolf shoulders, he stood on all fours and prowled out of the bush, branches brushing against his fur. Since he had no clothes, he remained in his other form. While nudity didn’t faze him, he figured making a powerful mage uncomfortable wouldn’t help his situation.

Zmitro sat next to Mara, wagging his tail like a friendly dog. Other werewolves would find his behaviour insulting, but he wanted to keep his potential opponent off guard.

A wisp of ozone tickled his nose and he sneezed. You cast mind-speak?

The spell was a familiar one. A friend, Victor, used it often when Zmitro stayed in wolf form. Victor wasn’t as powerful as Mara, but then again, few were. However, his friend had made a name for himself in hunting demons and banishing them if they broke the law.

Yes. What you just witness isn’t for public knowledge. Keep it quiet or––

Or you’ll torture me? Wipe my memories? Keep me in werewolf form for the rest of my life? he interrupted, a hint of laughter underlying his words. Not for a second did he believe she wouldn’t do any of those things, but he’d seen enough of Mara in action to know she would persuade him first. A shame she wouldn’t tempt him with what he really wanted.

Mara rolled her eyes at him, something he hadn’t thought possible with the emotionless mage. Then again, he also hadn’t expected laughter from her either. The mage continued to surprise him. What else would he learn about her? In a brave––and infinitely stupid––move, he rested his chin on her knees, whipping his tail back and forth like an excited puppy about to receive a treat. She chuckled softly and rested her hand on his head, scratching behind his ear.

None of that. I would hate to upset Victor. He seems to like you, and he’s a valuable Enforcer. No, I’m simply punish someone you care about. Maybe Simone or Heather. I’m not cruel enough to touch Sylvia. She’s been through enough. Her fingers continued to rub through his fur, but he no longer felt relaxed.

Muscles tensed, he lifted his head, catching Mara’s gaze. Touch my packmates and I’ll shred you to pieces.

Mara cupped his face, not flinched from his sharp canines, and her face hardened, the frightening angel of death chasing away any inherent innocence by virtue of her youthful features. Then we have an understanding. This meeting stays between you and me. Break the silence and suffer the consequences.


Review: Birthright

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Birthright: Pale Moonlight series, #1 by Marie Johnston

4 out of 5 stars

This is a spin-off series and the original one I bought one after the other because I had to know the full story.

Maggie, baby sister to Jace from Fever Claim, has been in hiding most of her life.
She’s never shifted to her wolf form and was raised as a human. Now, she has good reason for it, mainly because her father and older brother was killed by a power hungry werewolf. He wanted to control the entire pack and wanted to make sure no one else could challenge him.

Porter has been searching for a way to unseat the vicious alpha and finally he’s found a way. Bring Maggie home and have her claim her birthright. It helps that Porter finds her sexy and intriguing, so trying to convince her to come home shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Poor, poor werewolf. He’s about to find out how stubborn Maggie can be.

The sparks fly between these two and it’s so much fun to watch it all go down. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

**Disclaimer – I received a copy from the author, but these are my honest opinions.**


Review: Demetrius

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Demetrius: New Vampire Disorder, #1 by Marie Johnston

5 out of 5 stars

I’ve been a fan of Marie Johnston since first read Fever Claim (The Sigma Menace #1). I devoured each book in the Sigma Menace series as soon as they were available. When I found out she was starting a new series and the first book was about Demetrius, I almost squeal in excitement. Okay, I squealed. I can’t help it. These books are addictive!

Demetrius, both the book and the vampire, was fantastic. He lived up to my expectations of a vampire with a plan. He was instrumental in the other series, although I won’t tell you why because spoilers! Needless to say, he put up with a lot of stuff in order to see his plan through. In this series, he’s heading up a new organization, one that will benefit vampires and shifters alike.

Calli was an interesting heroine. Normally, I’m not one for the manwhore/virgin troupe, but in this book, it was well done. She had a good reason as to why she remained a virgin, yet that wasn’t her whole personality. She wasn’t defined by her sexuality or lack of it. PS, loved that she watched “videos” so she wasn’t totally naive. Calli didn’t put up with any crap from Demetrius, and called him on a few things. Love a woman who’s willing to stand up for herself.

Ms. Johnston did a great job in setting up for the next books in the series. There are no cliffhangers, just little tidbits that make me want more. Rourke is up next and I’m looking forward to his story.

**Disclaimer – I received this book in exchange for a review. My opinions are my own.**

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Interview With Veronica Del Rosa

An interview I did with Marysol.

Marysol James

Sylvia's Torment FB Size

Happy Monday, guys! Today’s interview is with Veronica Del Rosa, a woman who loves to write Paranormal Romances. I found her book, ‘Sylvia’s Torment’, to be an action-packed adventure with a surprisingly sweet side… and the love scenes were holy hot, y’all!

So, here we go:

When did you start writing? What was the first thing that you ever wrote?

I’ve been interested in writing since I was a teen. I’d actually convinced my parents when I was about 16 to pay for a creative writing correspondence course. I wrote several short stories that I’d submitted for grading. Looking back, they were terrible. Seriously terrible. The writing was, of course, juvenile and melodramatic. I learned a fair bit from that course.

Then life got in the way and I stopped writing until three years ago. I’d been complaining to my husband about a book where the plot drove me…

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Review: Dead and Kicking

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Dead and Kicking by Lisa Emme

4 out of 5 stars

I started this book last night and figured I’d read a chapter or two then watch an episode of Supernatural…. I did not watch Supernatural. And those of you who know me, know that I adore Jensen Ackles. So for me to give up staring at my favourite actor to read a book means something.

Harry, the female lead, amused me, although a few times I wanted to smack her upside the head for ignoring some obvious things. I loved that she was loyal and did the right thing even when it landed her into trouble. She didn’t cower away from it. Plus, she wasn’t a bitch! Some people feel that making a woman strong means she has to be a bitch. Ugh.

And Nash… well hello. Now there’s someone I want to wake up next to. While he was overbearing, he was still surprisingly sweet. And Harry, well, she didn’t put up with his shit.

The world building was decent. It slowly unwrapped without overwhelming or giving major info dumps. I want to learn more about Isaac, the vampire, as well as the Magistrate. Now there was one scary dude.

Overall, I enjoyed the story, I loved the characters, and I can’t wait to read more.

My Books

Hmm, what’s new with me?

Well, let’s see. No vacation coming up. No major life changing decisions made. It’s still really freaken cold outside. Oh, I know, my second book for Enforcers and Coterie has been published! *happy dance* I am so excited for this one. Oooh, and as a bonus (I feel like an infomercial telling you the extra goodies you get if you order now!), I’ve included a novella, Unexpected Werewolf, at the end of Sylvia’s Torment. A book and half for the price of one! 😉 Don’t worry though, no cliffhangers and each one can be read as a standalone.

Thanks to my absolutely amazing editor, Elizabeth, this book is immensely better than the first. Don’t believe me? Well how about these snippets from 4 and 5 star reviews?

“Fast-paced, never a dull moment in the entire length of this novel, and an excellent set of characters have been introduced. Out of all the characters, Sylvia is no doubt my favorite. Despite everything she went through, she’s still kickass. Derek, on the other hand, is delish. Ha!” ~ Katrina

“This was a GREAT read. LOVED Derek, hot sexy bad-ass Alpha with a heart—Hell YEAH! Sylvia was also wonderful, the trama she goes through and her journey back to herself is incredibly compelling. I adored these two together and I love the world Del Rosa has created. The Enforcers, the Coterie, the myriad of races and all their quirks, it’s awesome.” ~ Heather B.

“The sex…was phenomenal. It was straight to the point, no fancy words or imagery to get in the way of an amazing literary experience *cough*. Derek sounds like a wild beast in the bedroom, but I LOVED the twist that Veronica (the author) threw in there! I don’t want to give too much away because it was a very exciting experience.” ~ Heather S.

“The plot was exciting and moved at a brisk pace. There were numerous thrilling and violent showdowns between villains and the good guys, along with many sweet (and VERY HOT) scenes between Sylvia and Derek. ” ~ Erika

Now doesn’t that sound tempting, like an exciting book to snuggle into? It’s available at both Amazon and Smashwords.



Writing exercise

The origin of the werewolves – Enforcers and Coterie mythology

One of the groups I’m in posted a picture of a woman with a wolf and challenged us to write something about it. The image created a tale in my mind, one that explained the origins of the werewolves in the Enforcers and Coterie universe. I hope you enjoy and if you want to read more about the werewolves, then check out Sylvia’s Torment.

His wet nose pushed into her palm, an apology and a plea. He needed her forgiveness. Her red hair steamed across his back as she hugged onto him and hot tears scalded his skin. Stuck in wolf form, he couldn’t comfort her. Couldn’t tell her it’d be fine.

She’d always told him his quick temper and cutting tongue would get him into trouble. As usual, she was right. Who knew the witch wasn’t all hot air and actually had power to back up her words?

Cursed to walk this earth as a wolf until he performed an impossible task, but the witch hadn’t told him anything about the damn task.

A tiny shudder reminded him he wasn’t alone. Wallowing in pity wouldn’t help. Straightening his shoulders, he lifted his head and nudged her cheek. She lifted her head and sniffed. With a quick swipe at her eyes, she erased the evidence of her sorrow.

“Fix this,” she hissed at him, anger overtaking her normally sweet nature. “Fix this somehow. You can’t stay as a wolf.”

He sat down, ignoring the rocks poking into his backside.

Ozone tickled his now sensitive nose and he sneezed from the onslaught. His body tensed. This smell meant one thing.

A witch.

“Why hello, little wolf. Are you enjoying your new form?” she snickered at him.

Cara stood and stalked towards the witch. “Change him back.”

He caught hold of her cape with his teeth and pulled her backwards. No sense in both of them irritating the other woman.

The witch’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Imagine that. You’ve learned something already.” Her expression turned sly. “Would you like me to remove the curse?”

Releasing his hold on Cara’s cape, he nodded and tried to look properly contrite. A hard feat when he no longer had human features.

“Then I shall give you the way to break the curse. Your impossible task. Bring me a bucket filled with lava.”

He cocked his head, unsure of how to accomplish this task. First, he was a wolf with no hands. How could he carry a bucket, never mind one filled with hot liquid rock? And where would he find a volcano? There hasn’t been an active one around here in centuries.

This was…an… impossible…task.

Damn it.

Did he really think she’d go easy on him?


For thirty years he wandered, searching for some way to fulfill his end of the bargain. He avoided all civilization as none would accept a wolf in their midst, afraid he’d eat their livestock. And perhaps he would. Instinct had become harder to deny as each day passed.

Not once did he visit Cara, afraid of hurting her, or worse, giving up. She would’ve grown older, aging while he stayed in this magical form. A beautiful girl, now a mature woman, surely one who’d moved on with her life.

One day, feeling lost and hopeless, he climbed a large mountain and looked down. Before him spread out the lush beauty of the forest. A deep scar carved its way through the trees, dark rock making life all by impossible. Several centuries would need to pass before any vegetation would grow again.

Turning his back on the forest, he continued further up the mountain. Trees clung to the rock, skinny and sparse the higher he climbed until finally he reached the top. Expecting a peak of jagged rocks, instead he found a massive crater. Confused, he stared at it, wondering what had happened. Did an angry witch destroy it in a temper?

He settled back on his haunches, puzzling over this when it came to him. A volcano. An inactive one by the looks of it, but one nonetheless. He howled his frustration. To finally find one and it no longer had any lava. He dropped onto his belly and covered his snout with his forepaws. Maybe he should give up. Accept defeat. Even if he’d found lava, he still couldn’t carry it back to the witch.

Lifting his head, he clawed at the black rock. At least now he understood why a vicious scar ran through the forest. It must have erupted at some point and leaked the molten lava down the mountainside. Afterwards it would’ve cooled and formed into hard rock.

A tingle of excitement wormed up his spine and he jumped up. He wasn’t defeated yet. He’d found a volcano and soon he’d break this curse. Racing down, dodging trees and bushes as he went, he mentally mapped out where the nearest village lay. A few hours if he ran full speed. Hope lent him energy.

Soon the village came in sight and he slowed. Caution became the name of this little game. He couldn’t get caught. Not when he was so close to his end goal. All he needed now was a bucket. A twinge of guilt poked him at stealing, but he refused to stop. This was his chance.

Moments later he spied what he needed. Slinking in on his belly, he wormed closer and closer to the metal container. He snatched the handle between his teeth, elated it was empty and raced away. Shouts rang out behind him. They faded away, unable to keep up with him.


He scratched at the door and whined. He would’ve barked except he still had a firm grip on the handle between his teeth. Not once had he put it down, worried it’d disappear if he did.

The door swung up and the witch glared at him. “Eh, what’s this? What do you want?”

With a triumphant grin, or as much as a wolf could make, he placed the bucket at her feet. She shook her head then gathered a bit of energy. Ozone curled through the air. “Mind-speak spell. Tell me what this is about.”

Your bucket of lava. I’ve done your impossible task. Now please lift this curse.

“This isn’t lava. It’s rocks. You haven’t completed the task,” she argued.

You didn’t say it had to be molten lava. You said a bucket filled with lava and that’s what you have. These rocks are hardened lava.

“Tricky, wolf. Really tricky. Fine, I’ll lift the curse. However, from now on your descendants will also learn from the error of your ways. As you spent thirty years as a wolf, they will get thirty years as a human. After that they will then change into wolf form. A small caveat, they can shift between forms at will. Perhaps they’ll learn not to be so hasty with their words when it comes to someone more powerful than them.”


“And that is how werewolves were made, Bobby,” his mother said as she smoothed the hair from his forehead. He loved this story and begged her to tell it every night.

“Mean old witch,” he complained without any real heat.

His mother smiled. “They were both to blame. He should have been more respectful. Not because she was powerful, but because words can hurt. And she shouldn’t have reacted in anger. She used her magic to cause him pain. Remember though, we don’t call them witches or warlocks. That’s a derogatory term. They’re mages.”